ForgeCraft Technology

A novel trackable genome engineering approach to enable generation and mapping of complex traits

The discovery of CRISPR gene editing has been a breakthrough in the ability to rewrite genetic code at the level of DNA. The Muse bio ForgeCraft technology harnesses the power of CRISPR and extends it significantly to rapidly generate specific, trackable mutations at multiple locations across genomes and create complex, diversified live cell populations to study the causal links between genotypes and novel phenotypes.

At the heart of ForgeCraft is our proprietary editing cassette which ensures that the guide RNA (gRNA) is linked to a specific edit of interest. Each editing cassette is gene-specific and rationally designed using our ForgeCrafter design software to meet the sequence criteria required for the efficient and accurate incorporation of the desired mutation, which can be an insertion, a deletion or a substitution. These editing cassette sequences are converted into oligos using array-based oligo synthesis which are then cloned to generate the editing library.

The editing library is introduced into cells containing the machinery for the CRISPR recombineering process. Once a library is generated, it can be used in your high throughput screens or selections. We use barcodes to enable rapid tracking of edits of interest using PCR after screening, eliminating the need for costly and time consuming sequencing.

Muse bio is developing ForgeCraft with the goal of enabling researchers everywhere to generate massive libraries to accelerate protein, pathway and genome engineering. We are automating the technology into a benchtop biofoundry, Forge, which will enable you to build multiplexed CRISPR editing custom libraries on your benchtop. ForgeCrafter will have an intuitive user interface for robust library design. Forge and ForgeCrafter will be launched next year.

ForgeCrafterâ„¢ Design Software

Advanced computer aided design capabilities to turn biological hypotheses into functional DNA sequences

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With ForgeCrafter™ software, a researcher can access genomic sequence data, incorporate user-defined experimental parameters received through an intuitive interface and apply rational design criteria to generate thousands of editing cassette sequences.
ForgeCrafter enables the rapid rational design of homologous dependent recombination (HDR) CRISPR editing cassettes targeting everything from each amino acid in biologically relevant protein domains to each gene locus in a network, family, pathway or genome.
ForgeCrafter software is currently in development, but please contact us if you are interested in hearing more or view applications to see how you can benefit from ForgeCraft today.


A benchtop biofoundry enabling a paradigm shift in CRISPR-based library construction

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Muse bio is developing a benchtop biofoundry, Forge™, that will empower any lab to generate customized, high-throughput libraries for multiplex protein, pathway and genome engineering, on demand. Our scientists are developing and testing a device that receives hypothesis-driven design input from ForgeCrafter software and consolidates the multistep process of ForgeCraft library construction.

The Forge benchtop biofoundry is currently in development, but please contact us if you are interested in learning more - or view applications to see how you can benefit from ForgeCraft today.