Exploring a cell’s genetic landscape through targeted and controlled editing of its genome

Muse bio is revolutionizing CRISPR-mediated genome engineering by enabling multiplexed precision editing at low cost and unprecedented throughput

Muse bio is transforming CRISPR-based genome engineering to achieve combinatorial and precise manipulation of proteins, metabolic pathways and whole genomes rather than relying on random mutagenesis to create diverse live cell populations. Our ForgeCraft technology integrates powerful computer-aided rational design with proprietary multiplexed CRISPR-based editing of enzymes, pathways and genomes, overcoming current limitations in the multiplexed application of CRISPR systems to enable the generation of rational libraries in a high-throughput manner.

ForgeCraft Technology

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ForgeCraft produces massive in vivo libraries. We use barcodes to enable rapid tracking of edits of interest after screening, eliminating the need for costly and time consuming sequencing. This technology is well suited for high-throughput screens and selections.

ForgeCraft Applications

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ForgeCraft technology can transform your protein, pathway or genome engineering projects.

Meet Our Technical Experts

Our scientific leaders at Muse bio are driving the ForgeCraft revolution.