Protein Engineering

Explore protein sequence space to optimize and expand functionality

The goal of protein engineering is to optimize a protein sequence to improve its functionality. ForgeCraft is complementary to rational design and directed evolution work flows typically used in protein engineering delivering a dramatic increase in throughput and scope with which a researcher can identify variants of improved functionality.

The exceptional flexibility afforded by the rational design offered by ForgeCraft supports sophisticated enzyme sequence analysis and advanced engineering of binding domain affinity, specificity, and stability, while allowing the incorporation of structure and/or activity mapping data. The extreme elasticity of the ForgeCraft approach is unrivaled and cannot be achieved by existing engineering methods.

ForgeCraft enables multiple protein engineering strategies, such as:

  • Complete amino acid substitution – systematic exchange of every amino acid in relevant protein domains
  • Single codon substitution – systematic creation of SNPs including synonymous or non-synonymous mutations
  • Proximal multiple site mutagenesis – combinatorial mutagenesis of user-specified sites of interest
  • Insertions or exclusions of specific amino acids – inserting or deleting specific sites to expand protein design
  • Broadening coverage of codon mutagenesis – combinatorial alterations of codons requiring more than single substitutions

Please contact us if you are interested in hearing more about potential applications in protein engineering or take a moment to define your experimental interests and partner with us to take advantage of ForgeCraft today.