Pathway Engineering

Explore the total sequence space within an entire biochemical pathway

A cornerstone concept of systems biology is treating biological components (genes, proteins) as a smaller piece in a larger process. Pathway engineering aims to alter those processes at the level of individual components. ForgeCraft provides a novel means to conduct rational, multiplexed and traceable engineering of metabolic pathways and interconnected gene networks for the improved production of valuable molecules.

ForgeCraft confers the unique capability to examine even the most complex and intricate gene networks and pathways through such strategies as:

  • Alterations of rate-limiting components to increase protein expression (e.g., mutagenesis of ribosomal binding sites, insertions of enhancer elements, mutating intergenic non-coding regions)
  • Deactivation of competing pathways (e.g., inserting stop codons, creating frame-shift mutations, gene deletions and truncations)
  • Optimization of heterologous gene expression (i.e., synonymous and non-synonymous codon optimization, expansion of the genetic code to include unnatural amino acids)
  • Rational design of mutations within both coding and non-coding regions to improve viability in a broader range of conditions (e.g., targeting transcriptional and translational factors, DNA binding domains, loci in transport and degradation pathways)

Please contact us if you are interested in hearing more about potential applications in pathway engineering or take a moment to define your experimental interests and partner with us to take advantage of ForgeCraft today.