Genome Engineering

Never before has the full biological complexity of an organism’s genetic landscape been made so accessible for exploration and engineering

Genome-scale engineering probes the vast combinatorial genotypic landscapes of complex biology at the organism level. Information at this scale offers opportunities for both systems and synthetic biologists to engineer improved metabolic pathways, alter signaling networks across the entire cell, and to build entirely new systems from the ground up. The recent development of CRISPR gene editing has been a watershed moment in both prokaryotic and eukaryotic genome engineering. Until recently, genome-scale manipulation has been limited to random mutagenesis and knockout screening. ForgeCraft is changing that by enabling the exploration of hundreds to thousands of mutations across entire genomes in a multiplexed manner to broadly survey the full genotypic landscape.

ForgeCraft advances the state-of-the-art to achieve true precision-driven, multiplexed genome-scale engineering by:

  • Supplying the cell with DNA template sequences included in our proprietary gene editing cassettes and harnessing homologous recombination (HR) as the DNA break repair mechanism, thereby allowing precise manipulations at each specific target site within the gene
  • Rationally designing each editing cassette using our proprietary ForgeCrafter software to ensure all the criteria are met for the efficient, accurate incorporation of the desired mutation at an optimal gene target region
  • Incorporating a novel barcoding strategy that permits the tracking and retrieval of mutant variations and facilitating the mapping of novel or desired traits back to the trait-defining gene and its specific causative mutation.

Please contact us if you are interested in hearing more about potential applications in genome engineering or take a moment to define your experimental interests and partner with us to take advantage of ForgeCraft today.