Genetic diversity through rational multiplexed CRISPR genome-scale engineering

ForgeCraft accelerates the design-build-test forward-engineering cycle by designing and generating large numbers of precise mutations in the genome, each individually tracked with a bar code
Protein Engineering
Pathway Engineering
Genome Engineering

Advances in DNA sequencing have resulted in the accumulation of valuable genotypic blueprints. This has led to increased efforts to explore the genetic landscape by reprograming cells for direct evaluation. Realization of such efforts requires strategies that span the design-build-test forward-engineering cycle including precisely and efficiently designing and generating large numbers of custom strain designs. While CRISPR-based methods for site-specific genome-editing are extremely efficient, strategies for parallel editing at sites located throughout a genome have been limited, preventing systematic analysis at the single nucleotide or amino acid level.
Muse bio’s ForgeCraft technology couples the high efficiency of CRISPR editing with homology-directed precision editing. Combined with massively parallel oligomer synthesis, enabling thousands of strain builds in a single reaction, ForgeCraft is inspiring creative designs for protein, pathway, and genome engineering. ForgeCraft can be applied to the systematic mutagenesis of single genes up to genome-wide engineering including promoter regions and open reading frames.

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