Inspiring genome-scale strategies in biological engineering

Muse bio is revolutionizing CRISPR-based multiplex genome engineering by enabling precision editing with unprecedented efficiency and throughput
About Us

Enabled by the advances in DNA sequencing and synthesis, scientists today are seeking tools that allow them to explore cellular function at high throughput and low cost. Muse bio is making this possible with the commercialization of its ForgeCraft technology.

Founded in 2015 on technology developed at the University of Colorado, Muse bio is developing ForgeCraft to deliver the capability for researchers the world over to be able to design and create massive libraries of cells, each containing an individual mutation, right on their benchtop. Using high throughput screens or selection techniques, rapid identification of cells containing specific and easily identifiable mutations will help accelerate the development and improved production of valuable products.

You can learn more about ForgeCraft and its applications on this website. At Muse bio, our aim is to inspire you!