A new paradigm in genome-scale engineering

Muse bio ForgeCraft™ technology enables rapid exploration of the genetic landscape at the whole genome scale, unlocking every cell's fullest potential

Muse bio is transforming genome engineering by enabling, for the first time, high throughput massively-multiplexed CRISPR editing of proteins, pathways, and genomes. Through our powerful bioinformatics and novel molecular approach, ForgeCraft generates low-cost libraries of thousands of designer protein, pathway, or genome variants each with specifically defined, trackable mutations. This allows the impact of specific changes to be determined through rapid selection and high throughput screening allowing research timelines and costs to be reduced. 

ForgeCraft Technology

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Discover how the innovative ForgeCraft technology platform is transforming genome-scale engineering.

ForgeCraft Applications

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Find out how ForgeCraft technology can be applied to uncover each cell's genetic potential.